Is Aloe Good for Tattoos as a Moisturizer?

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I see this question asked a lot on internet web sites and forums. The most common talked about care for new tattoos and old ones was moisturizing them. Although aloe vera has been proven to have good healing property’s Some people say it dries to fast on the skin and does not keep your skin hydrated long enough. Which almost always lead to the question:

Is aloe good for tattoos as a moisturizer? The answer to this always depends on which Tattoo Artist you talk to. Some Tattoo Artists say that aloe vera that is fragrance free is fine to use. Some other Artist say you should not use aloe, because it doesn’t get absorbed into the skin well enough like other products specifically formulated for tattoo care. There are many lotions and moisturizing products that are formulated for tattoo care.

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When to Moisturize a Tattoo?

The question that is always ask when someone gets a tattoo is “when should I start moisturizing my tattoo”?  Skin care is very important for the first few weeks after getting a new tattoo and also for maintaining the bright appearance of an older one. Using moisturize to keep your skin hydrated helps the healing process. Almost all artist agree that it is important but many have there on methods of aftercare for a tattoo. Mostly everyone agrees not to use petroleum jelly or any other oil-based product.

How Often Should You Clean a New Tattoo?

This is a very important step. Failing to do this could lead to a serious skin infection.  In general, a new tattoo should be cleaned at least 3 times a day. Always make sure your hands are clean before cleaning your tattoo so you don’t get an infection.  Use lukewarm water and a mild unscented liquid antibacterial soap to clean your tattoo. Under lukewarm water lather up your hands and gently rub your fingers over the tattoo removing any trace of blood or plasma.

Now rinse your tattoo and repeat the cleaning process again. When you’re through washing the tattoo using a clean paper towel pat it dry. Do not rub it. Do not use a regular terry cloth towel to dry it. The terry cloth may get stuck to the tattoo and cause irritation. Do not use a wash cloth, sponge or loofah to clean your tattoo. Do not soak your fresh tattoo. In fact, you should avoid any type of swimming including lounging in a hot tub.

After the tattoo is fully dry apply a thin layer of all-natural moisturizing ointment. Never apply moisturizer to wet skin. Also, do not use petroleum-based products like Vaseline.

How Often Should You Apply Moisturizer to a New Tattoo?

Most artist agree that you should moisturize a fresh tattoo on a regular basis. After cleaning and drying your tattoo, you should apply a thin coating of moisturizer. You should do this at least 3 times a day.

Can You Over Moisturize a New tattoo?

Appling to much moisturizer can actually slow down the healing process. It can cause the wound from getting the proper amount of air for it to heal. Also, it could clog pores in your skin. Before applying a fresh application of moisturizer make sure the tattoo is clean and dry. Apply only a small amount of moisturizer. It should have a slight shiny appearance once it’s been absorbed into the skin.

 A new tattoo is a fresh open wound and it well dry out and some scabbing will occur it is part of the healing process. 

5 Things You Should Avoid For a Few Weeks While Your Tattoo is Healing.

  • When going to bed try not to sleep on your tattoo. It could get stuck to the sheets or your clothing.
  • Do not soak, submerge, swim or lounge in a hot tub with your new tattoo.
  • Stay out of the sun and avoid getting sunburn on your tattoo. There was a study performed on sun exposure on tattoos with black, red and blue ink. There were complaints of swelling, itching, stinging, pain and redness that are common but not confined to one specific color or chemical entity.
  • Do not wear tight clothing which may get stuck to your tattoo.
  • Depending on where your tattoo is located on your body you should avoid working out in a gym. For example, if the tattoo is on your arm, I would avoid lifting weights. You get the idea, right?
  • Scratching, rubbing, picking and peeling off the scabs.

How Long Does It Take for a Tattoo to Heal?

When cleaning and moisturizing a new tattoo how long will it take to heal?  This will vary for a few reasons. Some people will tell you two to three weeks but it could take two to six weeks or more. Everybody will heal at a different rate based on their own healthy and based on the size of the tattoo small or large. Obviously smaller tattoos will heal faster than larger ones.

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How Often Should I Moisturizer My Healed Tattoo?

You may think that once your tattoo has healed you no longer need to apply lotion or moisturizer.  However, this thought is completely wrong. Long-term care for your tattoo is important. Keeping your skin hydrated will help your tattoos colors to remain deep and vivid for as long as possible. You should apply moisturizer at least once a day to keep your skin hydrated which should keep it wrinkle free and looking young.


In conclusion every tattoo artist has their own preferred methods of care and products that they like to use the most.  If you’re getting your first tattoo the most important thing you need to do is picking the right tattoo artist.

 You probably already know someone that has a tattoo like a friend or someone in the family that have tattoos that you think look pretty good. So, if their happy with the artist they choose for their tattoos then this is a good starting point. 

Plus, you get a preview of the work artist has done and what the tattoo looks like months and years later. The work of a good artist is how well the tattoo looks months and years after it was done.