Do Men Need Different Skin Care Products Than Women?

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Men’s natural skincare products are becoming more popular. About 25% of all skincare products sold are specifically for men. Sure, men are generally prone to be less focused on the aesthetics of their skin, but that doesn’t mean it’s less important for men to take care of their skin. But what are the differences between the male and the female skin?

Do men have to use different products to take care of their skin? The answer is yes. Men’s skin is thicker, contains more collagen, and is a bit more oily than the female skin, the type of skin is more important with regard to product choice than the fact if you’re male or female. However, men shave often. This will, in fact, require some adjustments in skincare which do require specific products designed for men.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what you’ll need to know about skincare for men

Why the Male Skin is Different?

The male skin is different from the female skin. Because men have more sebaceous glands, the skin is a bit greasier than in women. Women have less collagen, elastin, and sebum/hair follicles – which support the skin – than men. This makes the skin about 20-30% thinner.

In other words, the “skeleton” of women’s skin is less strong, which means that women are more likely to experience wrinkles. In addition, women are more troubled by hormones that can cause the skin to age quickly after menopause. Unfair, but a fact nonetheless.

This might be one of the reasons women are more prone to address the condition of their skin and spend more money buying products to help them with that.

Men and Sunlight

Yet men also have a significant disadvantage. Men have, in fact, about three times higher risk of getting skin cancer than women. It has always been thought that this increased risk is caused by the fact that men are exposed to the sun more often than women, and thereby protect themselves less well.

However, there also seems to be another factor at work. The University of Ohio performed extensive research that shows that skin cancer caused by exposure to a certain amount of sunlight is higher in men than in women. That’s kind of strange since men get sunburnt less quickly.

They announced last year that in mice, males naturally have fewer antioxidants (catalase) in their skin than females. And this could also be precisely the cause of the increased incidence of skin cancer in men. An interesting conclusion since it could mean that daily use of a cream with antioxidants and sun filter is even more important for a man’s skin than for women’s skin.

So, if you want to keep your skin in good condition, start with natural sun cream to protect yourself before you think about anything involving the looks of your skin.

Skin Care for Men When Shaving

There is, of course, another clear difference between men’s and women’s skin. Men have beard growth and shave their skin at least 10,000 times during their lifetime.

Research done by the dermatologist Zoe Draelos shows that shaving is a considerable attack on the skin. Fortunately, using several simple measures can be helpful to limit the damage:

Wet the hair before shavingA beard hair is as strong as copper wire, but the force required to cut through that beard hair decreases considerably when the keratin in the hair exposed to water.

To achieve this, the hair must have been in contact with water for at least 2 minutes. A short shower or a warm towel on the face for a few minutes is sufficient. Do not exaggerate: prolonged contact with water disrupts the barrier function of your skin, and that increases the risk of irritation.

Clean the skin before shaving or even better exfoliateTallow, dirt and dead flakes that accumulate around the hair follicles ensure that the hairs are tilted and that the blade slides less smoothly over the skin at the area of ​​the hair.

This can be prevented by washing the face with a cleanser before shaving. Research has shown that shaving works better if you regularly use an exfoliant. The use of an exfoliant also prevents the chance of ingrown beard hairs.

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Use a natural shaving cream/gelA good and natural shaving product consists of surfactants, water, and polymers. These make the hair softer and ensures the blade glides smoothly over the skin.

Preferably use an unscented product to prevent irritation. With sensitive skin, it may be wise not to opt for a shaving cream but a mild, washable facial cleanser with added oil.

A conditioner also works great. A product with a lot of foam can irritate the skin. Shaving cream, foam, or gel should be thoroughly rinsed with water and not wiped off with a towel. Remnants of surfactants on the face can cause problems.

If you don’t have a Natural Shaving Cream/Gel you can find a wide selection of them specifically designed for men at Amazon.

After shaving, lubricate the skin with a good creamForget the use of aftershave. The presence of ingredients such as mint, perfume, and lots of alcohol are the rule rather than the exception in aftershave.

The consequence can be a skin that feels tight, red, or dry and may eventually start to show pigmentation. The latter is common in men who use a strongly perfumed aftershave every day and do not protect themselves well against the sun.

A good moisturizer with ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, licorice extract, Niacinamide, evodia, vitamins A, B3, vitamin C and E are a must. In a group of 90 men, Zoe Draelos investigated the effect on skin condition without applying a moisturizer after shaving, using a moisturizer and applying a moisturizer with Niacinamide (5%).

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The research showed that applying a moisturizer after shaving significantly improves the barrier function of the skin (and therefore the skin condition). The positive effect was most significant with the cream that contained Niacinamide. The impact could be measured within the hour. The improvement even increased after a few days.

Conclusion About Male Skin Care Products

When you select skincare products, try to focus on sun cream and shaving requirements, to begin with.

Although the structure of the skin of the man and the woman is slightly different, men’s and women’s skin requires practically the same care. Not the composition, but the design of the packaging and the odor results in the specific “men’s product.” Whether you are male or female, choose your product based on the condition of your skin.

So, if you’re looking for skincare products specifically designed for men’s different skin types Amazon has a wide selection of men’s skincare products. So, go check them out at  Amazon today.

In other words, the ingredients in the products must be suitable for your skin type, apart from that it makes absolutely no difference whether you use a “women’s” or “men’s product.” The fact that men cannot fall back on an extensive range of makeup products to “brighten up” the complexion or to camouflage skin problems may make choosing good skincare products even more important for men than for women.

So, if women have the same skin type as their boyfriend or your brother, they can easily use their skin products. The point is that you, whether you are male or female, use products that your skin needs, specific to your skin type and needs.

Always use a cleaner – twice a day – and a good day cream with SPF. An exfoliant or scrub once a week is also very pleasant. If you, as a man, prefer to use specific men’s products — you can, but you don’t need to. You can also use products that are not explicitly intended for men. Ultimately, you are all looking for something that suits you.